Exploring how and when to use surveys

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Is a survey a moment in time?

Or can it deliver more than that? This article makes the case for why it can be a useful way to reach your wider audiences.

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You need more than a 'hunch'.

To answer any question, you need to feel confident in your knowledge. Having evidence as your back-up gives you greater confidence than acting on 'a hunch'.

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Are you really listening?

Carrying out employee engagement surveys is a way to really listen to your team and understand their challenges and successes. The key though is acting on the responses.

Exploring different ways to use your data

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4 ways to help SME's grow

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start with data. This article gives a four simple ideas that SME's might use to start making evidence-based decisions.

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Who is Data's friend?

It's not possible to look at data in isolation. It needs to have a 'friend' to support - this articles explores a possible friendship with Marketing.

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We can't all be bakers!

A way of thinking about your raw 'data' ingredients to help you work out how to bake your 'analysis' cake!

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Case study: using data for curriculum-planning

Greater Brighton MET College worked with Bon Insight to evidence-base their curriculum.

Exploring wider issues and events

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Is everything OK?

This article explores the importance of asking the question.

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