How It All Works: Processes and FAQs

Bringing It All Together

It all starts with understanding what question you're looking to answer. Once that's clear, we then look at the different souces of data that can help answer the question! These might be one single set, or multiple sets, depending on the challenge.

This data is interrogated - where are the gaps, what trends can we see, what are we missing? And a set of actions and recommendations emerge.

Together, we'll workshop these findings so that you can apply them to your business - and witness the results! And then, now your benchmark is set, you can identify a date to review it all again and see what changes have occurred.

Shall we work out what your question is together?

Yes it can! And what's more, the less data you have, the more important it is to get someone impartial to look at it! You know that thing when you're too close to something? You're emotionally involved, or there's politics at play, or perhaps you're just so close you've lost all perspective. That's where I can help - to give a view 'from afar' if you like.

Well, there's no such thing as a free meal! But, I'm an expert here, so I will save you money because I can get on with it quickly, whilst you get on with what you're good at.

All of my clients are projects, not retainers and I will price per project, taking into account how long it'll take me. And I can rattle out a report in a day or two - or it might be a project that takes 2 months. But until we have that chat, we'll never know. So don't hold back on price - it's not as costly as it sounds! That said, I would expect all of my clients to take into account my 20+ years' expertise and to appreciate the value of paying for what you get.

Yes, you can and there's nothing to stop you. But it gives you more of a topline overview. My process is much deeper. I will export the data, look at it from different angles (i.e is there a team saying something in particular, or a geographic region with fewer responses, and so on). I will then present the results back, with insights PLUS recommendations and actions. We will workshop these findings together so that you feel confident presenting them back, or making decisions from them. So you get a lot more value than a dashboard!

I'll present the findings back in whichever format you prefer. But what I often do is, I will ask you for your branded PPT template as well as your brand guidelines, and I'll present my findings back in a report with your organisational branding. That way, you are ready to deliver the findings back to your team, audience, client (whoever the audience is) without wasting any time re-branding and editing it. Of course, I'll share the raw datasets back in Excel also, for your reference too. Or incase you want to have a play with a pivot table!

No! I do it using Excel and my own processes. This way, I can really get into the detail of it and see all the trends and patterns that emerge. It helps with the story-telling aspect - in my opinion, you can't tell the story as effectively if you haven't done the research (i.e. the data analysis in this case).